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  • Gratitude, Wishing, & Our Partnership

    In that spirit, we would like to offer a few more thoughts on gratitude. We see gratitude as open-ended, like when you see a neighbor and you smile at them, and they smile back Too often in our society, we see gratitude reduced to a “transaction”; someone gives a gift and the recipient It’s filling ourselves up with gratitude for our very lives, our partnership, the work we do, the language In the meantime, we wish you the same deep and abiding sense of gratitude that we share for each other

  • Carrying Your Gratitude Practice Forward

    What is gratitude? What does it feel like? What are its benefits? What is gratitude? What does gratitude feel like? What are the benefits of a gratitude practice? What can you do to kickstart your own gratitude practice?

  • Step 1 - Create an Attitude of Gratitude...and the Practice to Support It!

    Step 1 is to Create a Gratitude List. Why have a gratitude list and practice? Some people like to write gratitudes every day. Template for a Gratitude List A gratitude can take the form of “I am grateful for all this in my life We made this template that we like a lot for a gratitude list.

  • How Does Wish Work Fit with Mindfulness?

    We've already discussed in some posts how to practice gratitude. We can't say enough words of encouragement for getting into the practice of conscious gratitude. We can envision a guided meditation that will lead the listener to a place of gratitude contemplation

  • Do You Have Any More Tips on Writing Wishes?

    First, let’s start with gratitude! We recommend revisiting your gratitude list for a couple of reasons.

  • Creating Your Wish List - Step Six

    Your Gratitude List Why gratitude? If you Google “benefits of gratitude”, you get over 2 million results in less than one second. Gratitude is the “secret sauce” to success, happiness, serenity, and health. There are so many ways to create a gratitude practice, but we have two we particularly like: Creating a “Gratitude Email Exchange” Following the weekly “Sunday Challenge” Barbara has a friend with whom

  • New Year YOU! ("Y" is for You)

    paper on which your wishes are written and (safely) burning them, watching the smoke rise and expand as gratitude

  • The Next Bridge to Cross

    a bridge in our wish work consists of clarity in identifying what you want to draw into your life, gratitude Gratitude is not just an attitude; it’s a practice! One of our best blog posts on gratitude can be found here. Mindfulness is more than meditation!

  • The "How-to" of the Good Deeds Practice

    It's also worth tying this into gratitude practices.

  • "R" is for Reflection

    This allows an attitude of gratitude to enhance our reflection and support what is to come. Gratitude plus happy anticipation equals the positive vibration that says, “I really want this, it will

  • What to do About "Languishing" in Covid Year Two

    But we know that making the effort to practice gratitude can be one of the most powerful antidotes for languishing, so we are going to offer the simplest, easiest “recipe” for joy through gratitude. How might gratitude apply to the awareness one has sometimes of an irritant, like not being able to find You then follow up that purchase with a round of gratitude, pausing to really feel the smile, the warm One thing that is necessary is to harvest the positive feelings that a gratitude practice evokes.

  • "J" is for Joy

    I am stirring into that joyful “soup” a cupful of gratitude to you, Barbara, for making sure our blog That’s perfect, Margie, because next week our post will be about carrying forward a gratitude practice

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