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"J" is for Joy

Barbara: Margie, what was it that made you think about “joy” for the letter J?

Margie: It came automatically! We’re always talking about what brings us joy, what is our heart’s desire, and we talk about wanting more joy to flow into our lives. During the pandemic, we talked about finding joy in small things - a neighbor’s smile, a wave, or nodding at your dog. If I couldn’t use the word wishing, I would use the word joy. What we believe, what we practice, what we share is the positive - more of the connectedness to community, each other, the Universe, and all beings. It’s all joyful!

Wishing is the key that unlocks joy.

Barbara: That’s right! It’s all too common in our world to put attention on that which we fear. In ordinary terms, this is called worrying. As I once heard it, worrying is like wishing for a future you wouldn’t want.

Margie: Yes! We want to keep joy front and center in our lives because that is how the Universe will then respond to our emotional state of being - our vibration. So from another perspective, joy is the key to wishes coming true.

Barbara: Exactly! I just did a search on the word “vibration” in our blog and found twelve (12) different places where we write about how our vibration - our emotional state - works with our wish practice. Our readers can do the same search and read about nurturing a joyful emotional vibration.

Margie: I would add that hope is another crucial ingredient in wishing. In one of our more recent posts, we wrote about just that.

Barbara: Excellent! Is there anything more you would like to say about joy before we close, Margie?

Margie: One of the great joys of my life right now, that keeps me in a place of positivity most of the time, is my upcoming trip to visit my niece in London. I am stirring into that joyful “soup” a cupful of gratitude to you, Barbara, for making sure our blog posts continue while I’m away.

Barbara: Right! That’s perfect, Margie, because next week our post will be about carrying forward a gratitude practice.

Until then,

Peace and All Good

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

Photo Credit

The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Margaret A. Herrick.


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