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Disclosure Policy

This policy was first made valid on June 18, 2021. 


At the moment, we are not making money by virtue of any review or other statement we make about a company or their goods, nor are we working with any companies to promote their goods for profit. However, there may be a point when we are.


We want to make sure it is understood that if (and when) we start collecting any commission, we will disclose what needs to be disclosed. Besides this policy, we will make note in any of our posts that there are affiliate links and that we will receive payment for any purchases made.


This policy also covers any of our social media accounts.




Privacy Policy

As mentioned in the "Disclosure Policy", we are not currently making money by virtue of any review or other statement we make about a company or their products. However, we are using "cookies" on our site to track our readers' demographics for future advertising purposes.


"Cookies" are used to track sites you (the reader) are visiting so advertisers can customize ads for you on your return visits to our site. Again, we are not currently advertising for or with any company. But we do want to explain to you (our readers) that in the future we may engage in such activities, and advertisers will need to know about our readers. This is the policy of the platform ( we use to publish this blog.​

You can read our Privacy Policy to learn more, especially for anybody who signs up for our newsletter.


Thank you for understanding!

Comments Policy

Your comments are most welcome. We would love to see (and "hear") what you think of our posts. Do you agree? Do you disagree? After reading a post, did you take a further step, or try something we recommended? If so, what did you think?


However, to protect the public from unwanted negativity, we will happily receive your comments through our Contact page. We reserve the right to reply to messages when and how it works for us. Please: no rudeness or profanity! (Your message will be deleted.) 


Thank you for your support and for adhering to these policies!

Copyright Statement

We are honored that you would like to share our work! For your personal, non-commercial use only, when you do so, please acknowledge us - Margie Herrick and Barbara Dickinson as Authors, and link back to this website ( All of the text and images on this site are property of Margie Herrick and Barbara Dickinson, unless otherwise stated. If you want to change anything (edit an image, a piece of text, etc.), please contact us first for our written and advance permission. If you hope to share our work for a commercial (for profit) purpose, you must request our written permission at least 30 days in advance of that use.


Thank you!

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