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New Year YOU! ("Y" is for You)

You have been wishing for some time now… maybe as much as a year! First, congratulations to you for doing something wonderful for yourself - tuning in to the goodness that is available to you for the asking. Now we want to urge you to read your wish list, making note of all the wishes that have come true.

In other posts, we have described end-of-year ceremonies for celebrating wishes come true, like taking the paper on which your wishes are written and (safely) burning them, watching the smoke rise and expand as gratitude does. Here is one of those posts.

We also celebrate our accomplishments from the past year as we celebrate our wishes come true; you might want to do the same. We have described this in another post, but the quick take is that we include more in accomplishments than many people realize. We believe that maintaining health, home, family, relationships, contributions, spirit, learning, and leisure - each in their own way - are huge accomplishments in any year. On top of all that, you may have accomplishments that exceed the daily experience.

Next comes making a new wish list for the new year (or whatever time period you prefer). There are several different ways you may choose to create your wish list, like weekly wishing or turning you to-do list into a wish list. Whichever way you choose, we believe this time of the year is the very best to “shake off the dust,” celebrate what has flowed into your life, tap into new energy, and tune your emotional vibration to the positive “frequency” that tells the Universe you are ready to receive.

In this new year, our wish for you is that you find ways to strengthen yourself with compassionate self-care because it is good for you, and it helps you to show empathy and compassion to those around you. Spending time with loved ones - whether in memory or in everyday life - is the most important part of this season.

Next week, our post will be about something new to us that has big synchronicity with wishing. Stay tuned to learn more!

Until then,

Peace and All Good

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

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