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Your Path to a Fulfilling Life:
Introduction to Making Your Wishes Come True

Back in 2020, we launched our first book on wishing entitled Your Path to a Fulfilling Life: Introduction to Making Your Wishes Come True. In the pages of this book, you'll find steps on how to start your wishing journey as well as photos and poems by Margie. It was originally published through Lulu as a hardcover, but we recently made the switch to Amazon, where we're able to publish it as a paperback at a more affordable rate.

Again, the paperback version is now available on Amazon for $9.79.

It is also available as an eBook (PDF) through our publisher, Quoth the Writer, L.L.C.for $3.99.

Wishes ~ Abundance ~ Gratitude

We are so excited to announce that our wish journal is now available for purchase! We had the idea for a calendar and produced a beautiful one, complete with Margie’s spectacular pictures and some “wishing wisdom” for each month. We decided to make it blank so each person could decide when to start their own wishing year.


Then the company that was printing it “inspired us” (by discontinuing calendar production) to look at a different platform, which made us look at a different format. Our whole team loves journals, so we thought, “Why not make it a journal?” 


After about a month or so of hard work and determination, we produced an 82 page long, 8" x 5.25" handy journal that you can write your wishes, your accomplishments, your gratitude list, and so much more in. It is currently available on Amazon. There is a standard color version available in most markets for $9.99 and a black-and-white version available for certain markets at $7.25.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of this journal will be donated to our favorite non-profits, WomensTrust and MatchDog Rescue.

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