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"Wish work helps keep me focused on desire, the future, and hope. Also on noticing when I receive the results of a wish being fulfilled. This is quite separate from the number of wishes which do get fulfilled, which is more than I would have expected."  J., Canada

“All of us can agree that the past year and a half has challenged many of us to question our life, have we achieved what we dreamed of, do we recognise we need a change, and simply are we happy. Out of the blue, an invitation arrived to attend a discussion ”Your Path To A Fulfilling Life” and I decided I needed a break from the treadmill of life to just stop and think about what I have done, what I want to do or achieve, and where was I on the path of life. Even though I knew both moderators, Margie & Barbara, I wasn’t sure I was comfortable with sharing myself and all of those inner personal feelings and ideas, but was pleasantly surprised that I met, virtually from Japan to Australia, a thought-provoking and introspective small group and we had an explorative discussion and all were able to share some of themselves with all of the others. A wonderful stop in the craziness of life today and it helped me to re-focus and opened the door to many more explorations and learning experiences. Thank you to Margie & Barbara for being our guides!” Michael B.

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© Margaret A. Herrick

"I love the way the wish practice focuses me on what I want rather than what I don’t want.  I am not sure how wishing works but leaving the fulfillment of wishes up to forces other than my own will is such a relief! Love this website and looking forward to your posts."  Anita A, Sydney Australia

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