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"O" is for Optimism

In every resource we have read, from every teacher we have heard, even from every fairy tale about wishing, we have always received the message that what comes to us in life is the product of what we are aligning to. In other words, what we are noticing, thinking about, believing in, or fretting over.

Have you ever worried about something and realized that what you were thinking was a negative prediction? We have heard the expression, “Worrying is like wishing for a future you do not want.” For some of us, those worries have materialized and not in positive, happy ways. That’s enough proof for us!

Optimism is the antidote to all this. It’s a fairly simple “equation” really! If putting our attention on worry tends to bring outcomes to us that we don’t want then putting our attention on joyful, fulfilling outcomes can trend in the other direction, bringing more of those very things into our days.

When we say “optimism,” we don’t mean someone who has their head in the clouds or forces themselves to think only positive thoughts. What we mean is someone who chooses their thoughts on a daily basis and chooses to live in a positive - an optimistic - perspective as much as possible.

Does that mean they never feel sad? No. Or anxious? No. What it means is that we recognize that these feelings are a natural part of being human, but do not have to occupy more than a small space in our day. Even in the face of great sadness - unemployment, loss of a loved one, natural disasters, just to name a few - there is a perspective that is optimistic, which can be held right next to the part of us that is grieving or scared. And eventually, we can soothe that part with the understanding that something of happiness will return.

How do we find that optimistic perspective when we are confronted by enormous life challenges? We go back to basics! Gratitude is the tool that lights the way through these dark times to restore hope, strengthen positivity, revitalize optimism, and open the door for our wishes to come true.

That is what we mean by “optimism” in our wish practice. What does it mean to you? How does this idea resonate with you? We would love to hear from you!

Next week, our post will be about how wishing evolved.

Until then,

Peace and All Good

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

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The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Margaret A. Herrick.


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