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Step 7 - From Positives to Wishes

As we stated in our last “Post-Pandemic Life” post, it is now time to take your positives and turn them into wishes!

Adding the positives you’ve identified from your pandemic experience to your list of heart's desires readies you to maximize positive feelings. This is an absolutely necessary precursor to any wish practice - the ability to feel positive feelings as if your heart’s desires are already fulfilled.

Working with your list of positive phrases and sentences, you are ready to incorporate this new self-knowledge into your existing wish list. If you haven’t begun to write your wishes, this can be the start of that transformational exercise, which we discussed in our last post, “Do You Have Any Tips for Writing Wishes?”. Take each positive phrase or sentence, and imagine an outcome that would give you the fulfillment you desire. Starting with “I want …”, write a wish to match that outcome.

Here’s an example

Post-Pandemic Observation: For Barbara, the pandemic lockdown period allowed her to delve deeply into the discomforts she felt where she was living.

Positive Sentence: “I am now crystal clear that the place I am living doesn’t suit me the way my dream home will and I need to pack up and move to a better place.”

Sample Wish: “I want to find a home in a neighborhood that is perfect for me.”

Our Story

At first, we were not sure that publishing a book, or even a blog, about wishing during a pandemic was a good idea. Some people told us that wishing seems to be a less serious pursuit in the face of all the tragedy and strife of a national - and global - emergency.

One of the gifts of the pandemic lockdown was time on our hands, which we used to search our hearts on this question - to publish or not to publish? We had the experience over this time to realize that wishing gives us not just expanded positive feelings, but hope for positive outcomes that we hadn’t realized in earlier times. In fact, we realized that our wish practice was something vital to existence in the pandemic experience. Whenever we identified a negative of our pandemic experience, we transformed it into a positive possibility, which became a wish for a better outcome.

In this continuing saga of “Post-Pandemic Life”, the awareness of your ability to transform an apparent negative experience into something that brings more joy into your life is a great gift!

We would love to hear from you about your own post-pandemic experiences! In fact, we would love to publish some of your stories here on our blog, so others can see and learn. Please contact us and share how you have been living your heart’s desires in this post-pandemic time!

In the meantime, Peace and All Good!

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

Photo Credit

The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Barbara J. Dickinson.


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