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News About the Wish Blog

We have an important announcement to make. After consulting with the "Oracles of Wishing," we have decided to take a break from our weekly blogging to bring together our collective work into some new, improved, and more accessible productions. We are excited about our plans!

First, we are creating a card deck that will show how focusing on the four basic elements - gratitude, clarification, mindfulness, and the Universe - can help you in your daily life.

Second, we are about to publish The ABCs of Wishing, being the collection of all of our “wish alphabet” blog posts.

Third, we are working on what we have nicknamed “The Encyclopedia of Wishing,” although the final title may be different. This is the compilation of all of our blog posts and some new stories.

We will continue to make periodic Facebook and Instagram posts, we will occasionally add something to the blog, and we will keep our email subscription live so that you will continue to receive our news and updates.

Last, but most important, we want to tell you how grateful we are to you for reading our blog, sending us comments, wishing us well, and supporting our work by creating your own wish practice.

Look for announcements about the availability of all these enhancements to our body of wish work, coming soon.

Let the publishing games begin!

Until then,

Peace and All Good

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

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The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Margaret A. Herrick.


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