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"Why Do You Wish" Part Two

Margie: So, Barbara, why do you wish?

Barbara: The simple answer is because I have seen so many magical things happen in the course of my life, and how they connect to the expression of my dearest desires, that I cannot imagine not wishing!

When I say “magical”, I mean the things that happen in my life that I could never have imagined, much less believed I could ask for directly. Like the time I joined the church choir - after many years of resisting and turning down invitations to join - and then that choir was chosen for a part in a major motion picture that year! I’ve always loved watching movies and I dreamed of being in one, but I also always set that thought aside as something that would never happen to me.

Margie: But it did happen! How did you connect that to wishing?

Barbara: My first step back then was - believe it or not - my “bucket list”. The thought was, “If I always wanted to be in a movie, I could have put that on my bucket list. And since I just got a part in a major motion picture, I guess I can check that item off my bucket list!”

Margie: Is that how you began the wish practice you continue today?

Barbara: Not quite. I had to go through a few more life lessons before I created the practice I have today. The first lesson came from my 12-Step Recovery Program with the slogan “Let Go and Let God.” Up to that point in my life, I didn’t believe my Higher Power, which I now call “The Universe”, could deliver anything as joyful as my wishes coming true. But through that program, I began to see a more benevolent power in my life. As my suffering abated, my heart’s desires began to appear in my life.

Margie: What happened then?

Barbara: I began to read and listen to authors and speakers all around the world who described, in their various ways, how to manifest what we want, how our wishes can come true, and how we are part of something so large that there is plenty for everyone. The last ten years have been a coming together of all that for me, to the point where I started, four years ago, a consistent wishing practice. In the first year of this practice, over 100 of my wishes came true and this has been my experience every year thereafter. I can say with confidence that everyone who engages in such a practice can have their wishes come true.

Margie: Well that is powerful, Barbara! Would you like to share a last piece of wisdom as we close?

Barbara: Yes! In another post we’ll publish very soon, I want to say more about the phrase “Be careful what you wish for.” I believe this phrase has everything to do with the power we humans have to attract into our lives what we think about and where we put our emotional charge. Just as holding good feeling (positive) thoughts leads to attracting what we want in our lives, worry, or holding negative thoughts and projecting negative futures, attracts what we don’t want. Whenever I have a negative outcome in my life, I can trace it back to this concept and how it showed up in my life. I want to help people avoid that as much as I can! “Be careful what you wish for” means, to me, to be careful where you are aiming your emotional energy.

Photo Credit

The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Barbara J. Dickinson.


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