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What to Do If My Wishes Seem Trivial?

A reader once asked us, “How do I start? Every time I try to write wishes, they seem trivial and I feel selfish and shallow.”

For us, our wish practice exists, as we do, in a physical world. We see nothing wrong with wanting physical things and wishing for them as well as wishing for what might be deemed more lofty outcomes. The key to this is to see all of our hearts’ desires as having equal merit.

When we judge or put some arbitrary low value on our own hearts’ desires, we are breaking our vibrational connection with the Universe. We are setting ourselves up with resistance and vibrating at the frequency of failure.

From our Focusing practice, when this happens, we might go inside and ask a gentle question, with compassion, “Why am I judging this thing that I want as unworthy of my wishing?”

Try this with us. If you are in a quiet place, with a few minutes to yourself, close your eyes (if you want) and just breathe. Then ask yourself that question and see what comes. The answer may be just a twinge, or a small voice, or an image, or even a gesture. What does it have to say to you?

When something comes from that question, make a note of it. You can also ask, “Why, since I am the one wishing for it, am I judging myself?” Again, see what comes.

The “still small voice” - as it is often called - is what we rely upon for the inner wisdom to understand what is blocking us in our wish practice. It is this voice that can tell you if you are wishing from a place of judgment and resistance or from a place of acceptance and receptivity.

If you are sitting in that place of judgment and resistance, what can you do about it? First, be accepting of your feelings and be compassionate toward yourself since you came by these beliefs through some important parts of your personal history.

Perhaps you can acknowledge that whatever it was in your past that led you to these judgments is no longer true for you as an adult, and you can set them aside. Then, you can replace them with updated beliefs about how deserving you are of living in your heart’s desires. These might sound something like “I am worthy,” “I feel joy as I think about my wishes coming true,” and “My feelings are in vibrational alignment with the beneficence the Universe wants for me."

And then think of a wish, maybe a small one to start, that fills you with joy at the mere contemplation of its arrival in your life. Hold that wish in front of you, safe from judgment or criticism, and say it out loud. “I want…” Imagine in full detail living in that wish-come-true as if it’s already here. And “beam” those feelings out and back to yourself as fully as you can.

As your wish practice evolves, you may find, as we did, that your wishing expands to all the aspects of your life. We started out wishing for things that sometimes seemed small in the face of the power of the Universe, but it was necessary to start out that way to build our beliefs and our wishing “muscles.”

It’s all about creating for yourself something, like a “mantra,” of your inherent worthiness to receive what your heart desires regularly, whether is material or spiritual, because that is the level of delight the Universe has always wanted for you.

We would love to hear from you if this answer to the question was helpful or not! Or anything else that is on your mind about wishing! We are always here!

Next week, our post will be brought to you by the letter “u” for Universe!

Until then,

Peace and All Good,

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

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