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Step 3 - Fill Your Buckets!

Now that you have identified your “buckets”, what’s a good way to start filling them?

You might want to sit with your calendar for the year of the pandemic and review the activities you recorded there, noting them in the different buckets you have named. We find that when we do this calendar review, we are reminded of even more than what is recorded in our diaries, schedulers, or calendars. Make a note of everything that seems important to you.

What constitutes an activity for this list?

Any activity, really. It can be something you actually did or experienced. It can be a revelation you had. It can be something you undid, or ended, or observed. It is entirely up to you what you want to put your attention on from last year’s experiences.

We have found that mindful reflection and documenting, if only for your own benefit, have their own rewards. In following this step, both of us have had the experience of looking at our completed list and being absolutely amazed. We realized that we had been too busy during the year to notice how much had flowed into our lives, and into the lives of others through us.

Beyond that, this process of reflection can inspire hopes, dreams, plans, actions, and wishes! You will likely be amazed at what flowed into your life to your benefit and joyous living, much of which was the fulfillment of your own desires, whether you consciously wished it or not. Drawing on this realization, you can strengthen your belief that such things will continue to come to you.

Don’t forget about the template to help you follow along with Steps 2 through 7. After completing Step 3, you can now use the template to help record how you felt about the activities in your “buckets”, which will be Step 4.

Template for Post-Pandemic Life “Fill Your Buckets” Activity
Download PDF • 46KB

Here’s a story from Barbara that illustrates Step 3:

During the pandemic, I was unable to visit my elderly mother in person. She lives in a nursing home that is a good 100 miles away from me. I couldn't even do the “window visits” that became popular with families who lived locally to their loved ones. I wanted a way to ease my anxiety about not being able to visit my mother in person, or be assured of her well-being. Along came a letter from the nursing home announcing “Zoom” visits with loved ones. My mom and I had a Zoom visit every week for the duration of the lockdown, often including friends and family, and even having a 25-guest “Zoom Party” for her 97th birthday. My wish to see my mother every week and to ease the anxieties of pandemic life with an elderly parent in a nursing home were fulfilled! When the new year began, I didn’t fully realize what kind of wishes came true - including this one - until I looked back at the year by doing Step 3.

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The photo featured in this post is copyrighted by Barbara J. Dickinson. Yes, that is her mom!


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