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Weekly Wishing with Barbara and Margie

If you are struggling with the idea of writing wishes, have we got a "deal” for you!

In January 2021, Margie sent out an invitation to her friends and loved ones to try something she was calling “The Sunday Challenge.” The idea was to write five “joys” and three “wants” every Sunday. It turns out this is a pretty handy way to fill out a wish list!

Another idea that came to us was to rethink, or reframe, the idea of your “to-do lists.” Looked at in the light of our heart’s desires, to-do lists are actually wish lists. “I want to get this done,” is the wish that lies behind every item on a to-do list. See what happens when you take your to-do list and write “I want to…” in front of each item. For example, you have “Do Laundry” on your list. Change it to, “I want to finish the laundry today.” Can you feel the difference between the implied drudgery of “Do Laundry” and the upbeat state of “I want to finish the laundry today”? However, if you still have a reaction to putting something so fleeting on a wish list like “I want to finish the laundry,” you could try a wish like this:

“I want to complete household chores each day with ease, efficiency, and grace.”

These are two examples of integrating your wish practice into your daily living. The “Sunday Challenge” and the “To-Do List Reframe” have worked for us! Specific instructions like these are super helpful for getting a wish practice started. But once that practice settles in with you, the important things are paying attention to your intentions for a fulfilling life and paying attention to your intention to seek the good feeling, the compassionate feeling, the humane feeling, the joyful feeling, the loving feeling. These good feelings are what power “the wish engine,” as we’ve nicknamed it. That is the power in the Universe that convenes the aspects needed to fulfill our wishes.

Whatever way you work with the things you want – the things that fulfill your heart's desires – we believe will be agreeable to the Universe. Whether you write some wishes in the beginning of the year and work on them throughout, or write a few wishes every week, every month, every quarter, or even every day, it is really up to you!

After you have some wishes listed, practice every day to fulfill your intention to put attention on positivity instead of negativity. The next most important thing is to speak your wishes out loud on a regular basis. The power of vocalizing cannot be understated. You don’t need to be heard by another person, you just need to speak, with conviction, what you want. And then, as Barbara’s grandmother used to say, “You can go back to your knitting,” by which she meant go about your daily living because the Universe has got this whole “wish thing” covered!

Before we close, we want to tell you about last weekend! We had the most wonderful time - beyond our wildest wishes! - with our friend Sarah at her shop, Serenity by the Sea in Ocean Grove, NJ. It was really hot, so we held our “sidewalk sale” inside with air conditioning. We met so many people, had such rich discussions about wishing, and even heard a wish story that we were given permission to publish in an upcoming post, so stay tuned.

Next week, our blog post will be brought to you by the letter q for “questions”.

Until then,

Peace and All Good

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

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The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Lisa Hodorovych.


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