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Of Calendars and Wishes

Throughout this blog, we offer many suggestions on how to build your wish list. For example, it isn’t necessary to write a year’s worth of wishes all in one sitting, although you can. We’d like to add that, even if you compile your list in one sitting, you can remain in touch with your heart’s desires throughout the year and add wishes as they come to you.

Similarly, wishes obsolesce! What seemed like a heart’s desire at the beginning of the year could fade, be replaced, or circumstances could change. It’s OK to “retire” a wish. It’s also OK to put wishes “on hold,” like we did with a lot of our wishes during the pandemic lockdown when we couldn’t easily travel or even gather with friends and family.

We’re now officially in May and your wish list isn’t full yet. Is that a problem? No, we don’t think so! When we started our wish practice, we used the calendar year to time frame our wishes. We created our lists at the beginning of the year, read our wishes out loud throughout the year, and crossed off those that came true. We “retired” a few, added a few, and held a year-end ceremony of celebration and offering the physical list back to the Universe in the form of smoke and ashes.

The more we talked with people about wishing, the more we realized “different strokes for different folks.” Some people do better opening their hearts to their desires by writing a few wishes every week, every month, or even everyday. Some people want to keep a “revolving door” on their wishes - adding, crossing out, “retiring” - across time without a “calendar boundary.” Some people like the idea of writing a certain number of wishes a month. We have concluded that all these methods work if they work for the person who uses them. The important thing is that you identify what it is that really brings you joy and put it out to the Universe as the desired outcome - the “what” - not the method of realization - the “how.”

We hope these basics of creating your wish list help you live a more fulfilling life with an abundance of your wishes coming true.

Next week, our blog post will be brought to you by the letter “I” for “Intention.” We’ll tell you how to transform your to-do list from what you “have” to do to carry you forward into what you want in the future by setting out your list as intentions.

Until then,

Peace and All Good

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

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