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"F" is for Fabulous

Barbara: Margie, what made you think of “FABULOUS” for wishing?

Margie: The first thing that came to mind are the fabulous things that have flowed into my life, including relationships, because I have been practicing wishing since I was very young.

Barbara: When did you first become aware that your wishing is actually a regular practice?

Margie: When I was little, I wanted to have special relationships. One great example is I wanted a special relationship with my dance teacher. As it turns out, she and my mother became very good friends and, because of that relationship, she was a special part of my life. That is just one example - and there are many others - that brought me to the realization that if I wished for a special relationship, spoke it out loud, and handed it over to the Universe, these people would come into my life.

I am struck by the fact that I didn’t know the “how” of making these wishes come true when I was very little. I still don’t, but what I do know is how to make wishing an active part of my daily life!

What about you, Barbara? What does “fabulous” mean to you?

Barbara: I thought of “fables” when I was pondering “fabulous” and there’s a good reason. We think of fables, fairy tales, and folklore all together, and there’s this sense of “unbelievable” in all of it. That it’s “not rooted in reality” or, the more common, “this can’t happen for me”.

Like many people, I was raised in a family rooted in science, fact, and so-called reality - what could be sensed, verified, and proven. Magic, wishes, and all things generated by the unseen were topics that were tolerated, but only to a point. So for me, it was a great leap of faith - another “F” word - to start a wish practice.

What fabulous means to me is the space where the unseen and the unproven cross over into my reality with wishes come true. It was just as important for me to see that something I didn’t want could come into my life if I gave it enough attention and emotional energy as the fabulous things that have come into my life by wishing what I do want.

Margie: I know that about you! “Be careful what you wish for” is one of your favorite sayings!

I know I can always count on you to complete the circle of bringing our wish work into focus for everyday life.

Barbara: Yes! And the mathematician in me wants to make an equation to tie this conversation together. Faith + Follow = Fabulous + Fun! Have a little faith, follow your wish practice, and fabulous fun will come to you!

Margie: Perfect! Let’s wrap this up with a preview of next week’s post. We’ll talk about how our publishing wishes came true.

Until then,

Peace and All Good,

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

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The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Barbara J. Dickinson.


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