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"E" is for Everyday

Barbara: Margie, why did you choose EVERYDAY as the “E” word for ABC’s of Wishing?

Margie: Because wishing manifests itself for me everyday; from having the perfect parking spot open up to helping clarify exactly what it is I want in a given situation. Combine that with an awareness of the “little miracles'' that are happening on a day-to-day basis, yes, for me wishing is an everyday occurrence!

Barbara: That’s interesting! Are you saying that you are constantly wishing?

Margie: Yes and no. I do follow the practice of reading my wishes out loud a couple times a week and updating them. That is why I said “no.” But the kind of wishing that happens for me almost everyday is beyond that practice and is often not with conscious effort. That is why I said “yes.” My continuous wishing awareness also acts as a guardrail against impulsiveness, particularly about purchases.

Barbara: Tell me a little more about that.

Margie: My wishing practice has taught me to stop and check in with my heart to ask if what I’m contemplating will truly bring me joy. It is a real antidote to “buyer’s remorse”. When I check in like this on a regular basis, the results of my actions bring more consistent and enduring joy.

Barbara: Ever the linguist, I notice that “every day” means “on all the days”, but “everyday” means something more like “ordinary”. How does that fit in with wishing?

Margie: I addressed that briefly in my opening remark when I noted that parking spaces are a great example of “everyday” wishes. Other examples might include having an appointment start on time instead of being delayed or having green lights and easy traffic to get where I’m going on time. Or maybe finding the exact ingredients I need for a recipe in the grocery store. Now, Barbara, you’ve had a wish practice for many years. I’d love to hear your comments on “everyday/every day” wishing.

Barbara: Sure! For me, everyday/every day wishing has evolved over time to include some pretty profound wishes - and outcomes - that simply don’t show up on my wish list because they arise from situations I could not have predicted.

The one that comes to mind is a wish I made for a perfect outcome to a friend’s medical procedure. I actually helped compose the wish and then tweaked it so that it also made sense coming from me. It included a successful procedure with total comfort and safety, competence for the doctors and nurses, an easy recovery – in other words, an ideal outcome.

I call it “everyday”, even though it is a lot more serious than a parking space, because it is something that comes in the moment.

Margie: I think what we’re both saying is that when a wish practice becomes part of your life, it can permeate every single day of your life, if you let it. And if you do, you will be delighted at the richness and joy you receive.

Peace and All Good,

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

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The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Barbara J. Dickinson.


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