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"C" is for Clarity

Margie: How about using CLARITY in conjunction with wishing for the letter “C”?

Barbara: I really like that! Tell me more!

Margie: My personal experience of wishing for something - or wanting something - and then getting it, or having it happen, and realizing “Meh”, it wasn’t what it was cracked up to be; it wasn’t what my heart desired at all! I was mainly wishing for it because everyone else was. For example, going on a trip somewhere because everyone else wanted to go. Then you get there and realize you could be spending your time and resources doing something that would make your heart happy instead of following others. It really lends clarity to the saying, “Be careful what you wish for! You just might get it!”

Barbara: I get it! For most of my adult life, I believed I didn’t want to visit Africa because of so many reports of illness and danger. Then one day, a friend said, “Do you think we should go on an African Safari? It’s my trip of a lifetime." When I took that in, at first I wanted to say "no” for all the usual reasons. But then I went deeper inside for clarity and remembered that from my earliest childhood memories, I had always wanted to walk with the elephants in Africa, so I said, "Yes,” and the rest is history. That trip was the most incredible experience I've ever had and I did indeed get to walk where the elephants walked.

Margie: What did you learn from that? And how did it affect your wish practice?

Barbara: First of all, it tuned me in with greater clarity to my heart’s desires from childhood that I had discounted in my adulthood. My adult self had dismissed them for good “adult” reasons, but I needed to accept that the Universe has a brilliant solution for every heart’s desire. Once I said “yes” to my friend, I was able to take my “adult” reasons into account and we planned a safe and healthy trip.

Margie: That really took a lot of focus and introspection! It is quite a lesson in our wish work that we need to understand clarity in order to express our hearts’ desires.

Barbara: That’s right! Wishing is all about our emotional state - our “vibration” if you will - and what we hold in our attention. That is what the Universe responds to more so than anything else - even our words. While words are crucial to the formulation of our hearts’ desires, if the words do not match what we are paying attention to, or how we are feeling when we pay that attention, the Universe will either not respond to that confusion, or it will respond to the emotional vibration. From there, we may not like the results we receive.

Margie: Perhaps that makes this one of the most important “ABCs” of wishing. Just as you were able to retrieve that memory about “walking with elephants” (I love your picture!), an effective wish practice relies on clarity without judgment to explore and articulate our hearts’ desires.

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The photos featured in this post were taken by (and are copyrighted by) Barbara J. Dickinson.


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