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Creating Your Wish List - The Step Before Step One

We have some colleagues in another field of interest who coined the phrase (as far as we know) “Step Zero” to label what has to be done before the work of Step One can begin. In creating your wish list, Step Zero is to write a journal entry about your belief in wishing. How did you come to this work? Do you truly believe that your wishes can come true or do you have some doubts? It is perfectly fine to have doubts! We often do! But our doubts are not as strong as our belief that the Universe (or whatever you choose to call your “higher power”) delivers what we want when we present our wants - our hearts’ desires - in a positive way.

As you continue to work with wishing, especially as you see your first wishes come true, you may want to keep journaling and considering your belief in the power of wishing.

If you would like to share with us why you got started in wish work and any doubts you may have, please send us a message through our Contact page. If you’re OK with us using it in a future post, please let us know, otherwise it’ll remain private. If you do decide to have it published, tell us if you want to be known as "anonymous", if you want to use your initials, or if you want to use your full name as well as where you reside (town and state or country is fine)!

You can learn more about why we wish in the "Why Do You Wish?" article.

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