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As the Year Comes to a Close

When we started this blog six months ago, we were hoping that “post-pandemic life” would be a reality by the end of the year. It is apparent now that this virus is going to be with us for the foreseeable future. So what does that mean in terms of wishing?

With this understanding, wish work - and especially the practices we’ve outlined in this part of our blog - takes on an even deeper meaning in our lives. From mindfulness around the joy of small things to a larger understanding of our heart’s desires, extending beyond even our own individual lives, wish work is essential to positive forward living. This is not just true for each of us, but it is true for the larger system in which we live.

Here’s a taste of what we have planned for the end of the year and the beginning of the new year. Stay tuned for invitations to join us in these activities as we move forward in a life of wishes fulfilled.

In January, we will hold our annual celebration of accomplishments for the past year in an online workshop that you won’t want to miss, especially if you need a boost to see your own courage and resilience in surviving another pandemic year.

Following that, we are designing a new workshop about gratitude and rejoicing for all that we have received from our wish lists, accomplishments, and more.

This new workshop on gratitude will lead us directly into a workshop on creating and refreshing your wish lists. In this workshop, we will bring together our wishing basics, our ABCs of wishing, answer more questions, and invite all to share stories of wishes that came true.

Before we close, we would like to offer what came for each of us in answer to heartfelt wishes this past year. These are projects that fill our hearts with joy and show how something that started with a seemingly small wish can lead to outcomes beyond imagination.

Barbara’s heart’s desire for the new year is to bring in a curriculum to teach compassion and empathy in our education system.

Margie’s heart’s desire for the new year is to facilitate accessing the wisdom and knowledge of the beneficent spirits for all creatures.

What is your heart’s desire for the new year? Whatever comes to you might be something you jot down and save for your wish list. Remember, we’d love to hear from you any time and we are especially glad to receive any questions you have about wishing.

Until next time, Peace and All Good,

The Wish Mavens

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The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Margaret A. Herrick.


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