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Adopted the Perfect Dog

We are frequently asked, “Why hasn’t my wish come true? I think I’ve done everything you’ve said.”

It’s not unusual to get frustrated when you’ve read the instructions, followed all the steps, done your very best, and still nothing happens. We’ve had the same experience ourselves. The following story is a “tail” of how the real art and magic of wishing happens. It’s about being open to - and accepting - when the Universe offers a different “how” to the realization of your wish.

Barbara’s brother wanted to adopt a second dog as a companion to Coco, his wonderful rescue dog. He followed all the accepted wisdom on how to find his perfect dog: contacted rescues, searched the internet, submitted applications, provided references, interviewed, and even met with what might’ve been his perfect match. But that situation stretched out over a long period of time, and, eventually, it fell through. “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!” he said.

As a Wish Maven, Barbara, of course, felt committed to helping him. She encouraged him to stay open to the possibilities that he didn’t know existed, try to be patient, and continue to believe.

One day, he contacted someone to come to his house and collect some scrap metal he wanted to recycle. A young man showed up and they had a pleasant conversation. Of course, Coco was part of that conversation. At one point, Barbara’s brother casually mentioned his hope to find a companion for her. The young man said, “My mother runs a rescue organization. I’ll put you in touch.”

Fast forward to the happy household that now includes Barbara’s brother, Coco, and Chessie (short for Chestnut), who has found her furever home and all three are living happily ever after.

Once again, we are amazed at how the Universe works! You would never think by calling the scrap metal man you would find a rescue dog, but there’s the Universe, again, reminding us to always be open, mindful, and free from attachment to our own ideas of how wishes should come true.

Next week, our post will be brought to you by the letter “M” for mind.

Until then,

Peace and All Good

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

Photo Credit

The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Barbara's brother. The dark brown dog is Coco while the tan dog is Chessie.


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