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Wish Work and Shamanism - A Story from the Desert

One of my core wishes is to present my work to people who understand and welcome it. In other sections of this blog, we have discussed why people question wish work, why some have doubts that it actually brings things into their life that fulfill their heart’s desires, and why there are some who believe it’s selfish of them to bring more joy into their lives.

Again, one of my wishes has been, “I want to present my work to people who understand and believe in the possibilities.”

Quite apart from this wish, I signed up for a gathering led by my favorite Spirit Healer, Carla Meeske, at Bumble Bee Ranch in Arizona. I headed out there last week and just got back not too long ago. This was a several day intensive Shamanic practice experience. As you will see with your own wish work, the fulfillment of a wish can come from unexpected Arizona for instance.

The organizer of our gathering had previously joined Barbara and I in a wish work Zoom session. She saw the connection and potential between wish work and our Shamanic practices. Shamans believe in the wisdom of the Universe. We trust powers beyond our own. Essentially, we believe in magic, especially the kind that heals and brings joy.

She had asked me if I would be willing to talk about wish work in a course at the gathering, but we didn’t know exactly how this would unfold. On our second day together, she introduced me and my work to the participants. Immediately, as I spoke about wishing, there was a sense of understanding and interest in ways to bring this into their own lives.

So, how was it having my wish fulfilled like this? It was incredibly affirming! Even though I believe in wishing down to my very core, I can still be taken aback by the ways in which the Universe delivers outcomes. This was one of those occasions when my wish was fulfilled and, at the same time, this attainment brought joy and fulfillment to others as well.

Take time to notice the flow of the Universe in your life because it can take you to places you couldn’t anticipate, let alone plan!

For more on Carla Meeske, Spirit Healer, check out her websites:,

Photo Credit

The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Margaret A. Herrick. It was taken outside of Phoenix, AZ.

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Anita Alexander
Anita Alexander
Nov 27, 2021

I love this story, the shamanic gathering sounds amazing, and I like the link with magic, which has never resonated with me but the energy of the universe connection does.

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