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"U" is for Universe

It would be hard to think of anything else other than Universe for the letter “u”! We talk all the time about how the Universe is the source - the higher power - that provides whatever we send forth as our vibration - our emotional point of attraction - for what outcomes we want.

When we say “Universe,” though, what we really mean is every belief system humanity has. One person may think of “Universe” while another may think of God, or one of the prophets, or Buddha, or Yahweh, or Ganesh. Yet others may think of nature spirits such as those of Wicca, Shamanism, or Paganism, to name a few. In 12-step recovery, they use the concept of a “higher power,” which can be anything that is greater than the self.

You might be wondering, at this point, whether a higher power has to be something outside of the self? For us, this is a matter of personal belief. Margie believes that we are one part of the total - of the Whole. While we are unique within that, we are also a part of that, so when she makes a wish, she is turning it over to the Whole - the Universal Whole. For her, God is the Universal Whole.

For Barbara, God is within. The Universe is made up of all the souls that embody that godliness, so when she wishes, she brings her emotional state to the most joyous level she can, as if the wish has already come true. Then she turns it over to the collective consciousness that is the Universe for her.

What matters about all this is that we are comfortable enough with what we believe, and how we believe it, that we trust that our wishes will come true under grace, in a perfect way, for the highest good of us and all concerned. What also matters is that we consciously connect to the Universe as we understand it on a continuous basis as much as humanly possible. “The more the merrier,” as the saying goes. The more we are connected, the more we are assured we are doing the very best we can for ourselves, for our communities, and beyond.

For our readers in the USA, our Election Day is coming soon. We want to encourage you to make a wish for the very best outcomes possible and then GET OUT AND VOTE!

Next week, our post will answer the question we frequently hear from readers: what is the difference between wishing and praying?

Until then,

Peace and All Good

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

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The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Margaret A. Herrick.


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