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Creating Your Wish List - Step One

Following Step Zero - and once you’ve committed to establishing a wish practice - you are ready to write your first wish! Step one in doing so is always starting your wishes with “I want …”.

When you are starting out, it’s good to complete the sentence with something small. For example, asking for the perfect person for a relationship might be too big of a wish to start with (and we will discuss that later in a different post), but, instead, try: “I want a nice date.”

We recommend keeping each wish to about fourteen words, as that is the number of words a person can easily say within one breath.

Wishes should always be stated in the positive! When you state what you don’t want, it is widely believed that is when negativity comes into your life.

Now, the “How” your wish comes true is the business of the Universe! Your job is to ask for the “What”. For example, when you wish to win the lottery because you want enough money to buy your dream home, that is an example of “How”. In our practice, we always ask for the outcome that we want, which is the “What”. If you‘ve read stories about the ills that befall lottery winners - all the greed, mayhem, and even murder that has erupted - you already know what we mean. Instead, you might write a wish like: “I want the home of my dreams with evergreens and a pool.”

Wishes need to be specific to you personally with enough description that when fulfilled, it is what you really wanted. You may ask, “How can I cram that into 14 words or less?” Well, you are right! That is tricky, but it can be done! In a future post, we'll discuss what to do when you have a wish that goes on and on. We'll also publish our wishes that have come true, so you can see how to write a wish.

If you’re having trouble starting or coming up with your wishes, one of the ways we use to articulate our hearts’ desires is to look at life through its different aspects. For example, what is my heart’s desire when it comes to my health? My family? My friends? My primary relationship? My finances? My education? My work? My contribution to my community? My spiritual life? Or my recreation or leisure time?

Lastly, we often suggest a goal of 150 wishes, but there are many approaches to making a satisfying list of your heart’s desires. You can write a few wishes per week or per month. You can write a wish a day. You can even write 100, 120, or 150 wishes at the onset if you’re feeling adventurous. However, we do suggest having some number of wishes in mind in order to start the process of speaking them out loud and watching them come true.

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