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Creating Your Wish List - Step Four

Now that you have your foundational list of wishes, you are positioned to open your life to the abundant influx of wishes coming true. Reading and reviewing your wishes on a regular basis will take you to a place where the Universe will begin to deliver the outcomes your heart desires.

You might have the impression that wishes can only come true after you take these steps; however, wishes are coming true all the time! Part of the practice - and, for us, one of the most fun parts of it - is noticing how wishes have been coming true throughout time. We only need the inspiration to see this magic for what it is, the same magic that makes the wishes we form from our hearts’ desires come true going forward.

What we do is read our wishes aloud at least once a week. Some people read theirs every day. You may find the rhythm that suits you best, but we strongly encourage you to read your wishes aloud weekly at the very least.

Why read aloud?

According to a 2017 study from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada, published in the journal Memory, reading aloud is a more effective way to remember information. For us, reading wishes aloud tunes our body-mind-spirit to the emotional vibration that synchronizes us with the Universe and creates the most effective channel for the Universe to deliver on our hearts’ desires.

In our original practice, we followed some wisdom that suggested starting with 101 wishes from a list of 150. Then, as wishes came true, we would cross them off and fill in from the remainder. This is only one way to develop a wishing practice. Follow what feels right to you. You may want to work with a different number of wishes. What is important isn’t the total number, it’s crossing off wishes as they come true, celebrating, and feeling perfectly free to add another wish to your list.

In our next post on “Wishing Basics”, we will talk about refinements to your wish list that happen as the year unfolds. For example, you may postpone or even cancel a wish due to circumstances. Stay tuned and make sure you come back for more!

Peace and All Good,

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

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