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Covid Vaccine

I was getting frustrated with the Covid vaccine sign-up process back in February/March 2021 - so frustrated that my brain didn't connect all the dots until one Wednesday night when it finally occurred to me to make a wish! Before going to sleep, I said out loud, "I want a Covid vaccine now!"

That Thursday morning, I woke up to a text notification with an appointment for the next day! I am now fully vaccinated and have been since March!

And that, dear reader, is a wish come true!

It is worth noting (and acknowledging) that there was a “guardian angel” watching over me in this story. A friend of a friend of a friend was asking if she could help out and, although she didn’t know me from the next stranger, she did it! I am so impressed with all the “Vaccine Angels” who worked hard to help folks who were stymied with the sign-up process. Thank you from the both of us to all of them!

Photo Credit

The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Barbara J. Dickinson.


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