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Barbara’s Wish to See a USAAC B-29

Sometimes you can have a wish tucked away in a corner of your being and not even realize it. This is how it was for Barbara. She had heard all her life about her father’s experiences as a B-29 pilot during World War II, but she had never seen one of the planes up close.

There is a saying among pilots that her father often repeated at the dinner table when he was going to launch into a story about flying: “There I was at 30,000 feet, flat on my back!” It refers to something that happens in these planes climbing to high altitudes. He told stories regularly, which was what instilled in Barbara a curiosity about the planes her father flew.

Last year, when Barbara’s mother passed away, she was organizing memories - photos and records, which of course included her father’s life experiences. This got her thinking again about her father’s stories. Only then did she begin to put attention - energetic vibration - on her interest in learning more about his career as a pilot in wartime.

From there, thanks to a family friend who introduced her to the Commemorative Air Force, she became aware of opportunities to visit these planes up close. This group holds events several times a year, bringing vintage planes to do fly-by’s and take passengers for rides.

Barbara took the drive from New Jersey to Baltimore and was thrilled to see the B-29 - “Fifi” - soar over the airfield, land, taxi down the runway, and stop for photo ops at the hangar. It was just like the one her father flew. And as the plane turned to face the spectators, Barbara could see the pilot, but there also seemed to be a figure in a tan Air Force uniform standing behind the pilot, looking over his shoulder. Barbara could have sworn it was her father!

That was when she realized her wish had come true. This is a variation on our usual practice of wishing first with expectations of receiving, but it illustrates clearly that the Universe is listening and responding even at times like this when the wish is more of a dream. For Barbara, in particular, this absolutely counts as a wish come true!

Next week, our post will be brought to you by the letter X, which, in mathematics, represents the “unknown quantity.” Stay tuned to find out more!

Until then,

Peace and All Good

Margie and Barbara

The Wish Mavens

Photo Credit

Thank you to Bruce Abrams for the crew photo from the Archives of the 300th Bomber Group. 1st Lieutenant John D Dickinson is in the middle of the 2nd row.

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Dec 09, 2022

What a tremendous story! Love the opportunity Barbara had and I’m sure the B-29 growled as it soared passed the spectators! A chance & wish of a lifetime!

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