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"B" is for Blocks

Barbara: Margie, what made you think of BLOCKS in conjunction with wishing?

Margie: For one thing, “block” has many meanings. It can mean resistance or it can mean building blocks. A block can be a chunk or a section, but it can also mean to impede or prevent, interfere with or thwart. Or it can be the action of squaring off a piece of needlework.

Barbara: Wow! I hadn’t thought of so many meanings for the word “block”. Tell me more about how it relates to wishing for you.

Margie: I thought about blocks with wishes because whenever there was something I really wanted - my heart’s desire - and it wasn’t coming to me, I realized it was because I wasn't completely open to it. There was something in me that was holding me back from fully embracing it, having it, or deserving it.

That was related to my own past history, which made me realize that asking the Universe requires us to look forward in a positive way and not draw on the past, where things didn’t always happen the way we thought they would.

Barbara: You are saying that wishes come from a place of positive thinking, is that right?

Margie: Yes! Create your wishes with positivity looking forward, not dwelling on overcoming resistance from the past. For example, instead of saying “I don’t want people taking credit for my work,” write a wish that says “I want to be recognized for my work.”

Barbara: I get it! "B" is for blocks because we need to know what’s blocking us before we can find the positive way forward and then write the appropriate wish. Have I got that right?

Margie: Exactly! Blocking wishes relates directly to the various aspects of my life. Once I understand what the block is, then I can be clear about my heart’s desires in each aspect of my life.

Barbara: Meaning we can have blocks about relationships, finances, work, spirituality - really anything, can’t we?

Margie: That’s right. Blocks as in “what resistance am I feeling to the outcome I say I want in my wish?” Once I have identified those blocks, then they become the stepping stones that lead me to articulate my wishes to the Universe and accept them when they come true.

Barbara: I get it! Blocks evolve from being something negative - something holding us back - to positive markers on the path to having our wishes come true.

Margie: Indeed! I see blocks now as stepping stones, moving into the future, where one stepping stone leads to another and another. Once you realize you can draw one small thing into your life, like a parking space, that’s one small stepping stone to a future of believing you can bring more and more things. You can start trusting that the Universe will deliver.

Barbara: I love what you said before about “blocking” as in the act of formatting a piece of needlework. Would you like to bring us to a close expanding on that metaphor?

Margie: Sure. Blocking is what one does to stretch and format a piece of needlework so that it will be its most beautiful. Here, I am applying that idea to a life of attention and intention. The more attention I pay to the power of the Universe - to my emotional vibration of resistance or acceptance and to receiving what the Universe wants me to have of my heart’s desires - the more my wishes come true.

Barbara: Beautifully said, Margie! Thank you for sharing about blocks and how they relate to wishes.

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The photo featured in this post was taken by (and is copyrighted by) Margaret A. Herrick.


Lajla Dale
Lajla Dale
Sep 12, 2021

Blocks as stepping stones: thank you this wonderful insight. 🥰


Anita Alexander
Anita Alexander
Sep 10, 2021

What would be some examples of blocks in big and little areas? Eg parking spot - is that not expecting the universe to deliver?

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