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  • "O" is for Optimism

    Gratitude is the tool that lights the way through these dark times to restore hope, strengthen positivity

  • "I want to be an author!" - The Story About Our Publishing Wishes Coming True

    Margie: I was thinking over the weekend that when I practice gratitude, part of the foundation for my gratitude is my wish practice. My level of trust and hope is reinforced by seeing my wishes come true and practicing gratitude for what

  • What Do Accomplishments Have to Do with Wishes?

    There is also a gratitude practice, where we cherish and celebrate all that we have. We hope you will join us at our upcoming workshops on gratitude, accomplishments and wishes.

  • As the Year Comes to a Close

    Following that, we are designing a new workshop about gratitude and rejoicing for all that we have received This new workshop on gratitude will lead us directly into a workshop on creating and refreshing your

  • Wishing is A Lot Like Praying

    There can be prayers of gratitude, requests, or forgiveness. Wishing, for most, parallels either prayers of request and/or gratitude. We recognize this source and direct our gratitude towards it. We have talked a lot about the importance of gratitude elsewhere in this blog.

  • "W" is for "Why"

    Of course, there is the importance of gratitude in all of life, not just a wish practice. We’ve had a lively debate about the nature of gratitude; however, there is one thing on which we agree : gratitude is almost as important as the air we breathe to keep us on track and living the kind of life ” is like a cornucopia filled with a wide variety of reasons, at the heart of which is a “feast” of gratitude

  • "Children See Magic Because They Look for It"

    We see wishes coming true, which is the magic, going hand in hand (or tree in vine) with gratitude. When you feel gratitude for the beauty of the nature that surrounds you, that is the vibration - the evergreen and pick up the pinecone, bright-eyed and joyful, and they may not consciously think in terms of gratitude

  • "M" is for Mindfulness

    Joe Dispenza’s book You are the Placebo, and he makes a point that putting our attention on gratitude fills our body-mind-spirit with the positive vibration of gratitude - such that there is no room for And don’t we emphasize, as part of our practice, to regularly notice, celebrate, and embody gratitude Margie: Early in my wish practice, I incorporated a gratitude - or gratefulness - list as a way of acknowledging

  • News About the Wish Blog

    First, we are creating a card deck that will show how focusing on the four basic elements - gratitude

  • Step 2 - Identify Your "Buckets"

    I now savor, with gratitude, my realization of what brings me joy and, with equal gratitude, release

  • "V" is for Vision

    Next week, our post will be all about gratitude, wishing, and our partnership!

  • How Do I Know the Truth of My Desire?

    The key is to fill yourself with gratitude, compassion, empathy, and patience for whatever comes.

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